Wild West Show Team Gallery

Show Action Shots

Freeze or mama shoots

Giddy up horse

Beautiful soiled doves

Gunned down in the prime of life.

I'll take the box! whats in the box? who's box is it ?

Who's first to be jerked to Jesus?

Getting a little wet

Don't even twitch

Keep your hands where I can see them!

What did he say? Which way have we got to point these things?

Which way is it coming?

What a bunch of ugly cowboys 

Theres always time for a chat

BANG BANG we shot you down.


All for One and One for All 

Did I say something funny ?

TA-DA hear i am 

Awwww sweet

A selfie of a couple of our beautiful lawmen lol

The Lawmen

Established in 1961 and still going strong

Very good show at the White Tigers all Night Pussy Ralley. Everyone really enjoyed them selves so much, they presented us with this plack.

Thank you to the White Tigers for making us all feel so welcome.